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Bring Back the Brown Hill Post Office

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Do you want a Post Office in Brown Hill?

The Brown Hill Progress Association has put together a petition to gauge the support from Brown Hill residents for the reinstatement of a functional Brown Hill post office as quickly as possible.

Community newsletters connect residents during time of isolation

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Community newsletters connect residents during time of isolation

Volunteer-run community newsletters are providing a method of connection for residents across Ballarat during a time of isolation.

2020 Local Council Elections

In October 2020, Brown Hill residents will be asked to participate in a postal vote for the Local Government Elections, held every four years. As Brown Hill is part of both the North and the Central Wards, there are many candidates to consider. Based on the results, the City of Ballarat will appoint three councillors to the North Ward and three to the Central Ward. With an additional three Councillors …

Need help controlling your gorse?

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The Victorian Gorse Taskforce will be delivering a community-wide extension service program in the Ballarat region this June/July.

Caledonian Primary School Principal's April 2020 message

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This article was first published in Edition 24 of the Brown Hill Community Newsletter, April 2020

From the Principal's Desk

To the Brown Hill community,

It’s all so very quiet. The shops are quiet, the streets are quiet and our school is also quiet. It’s an incredible time to be an introvert!

One of the most awkward things I have found is not knowing the new protocols. Every supermarket …