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Brown Hill Community Newsletter

A bi-monthly community newsletter delivered to around 2000 local residents.

A project of the Brown Hill Progress Association, the Brown Hill Community Newsletter, Directory and Online Hub creates a sense of belonging for our community. Local residents feel connected, heard and up-to-date with news, events and activities. They find out about the lives of people living in Brown Hill, both current and historical and learn about our beautiful local environment. The project was an initiative of the Brown Hill Engaging Communities Program, run by the City of Ballarat, which brought together local service, sporting, education and activity groups to invest in improvements for our community. With an initial grant from this program, the first newsletter was printed and delivered to every property in Brown Hill in May 2016. It was a hit! Advertising by local businesses started in Edition 7 and the newsletter has been financially self-sufficient since then, publishing six editions each year. A team of 20 volunteers hand-deliver over 2600 newsletters to residents and local businesses and almost 1000 people also receive it online. Our local directory for business, community and sporting/activity groups has also been printed and delivered three times. All of the information is kept up to date on the Brown Hill Online Community Hub.


Hard copies are delivered to over 2000 letterboxes across Brown Hill and are made available through the Brown Hill Kindergarten, Caledonian Primary School, Woodman's Hill Secondary College, the Brown Hill Hall, Ballarat Wholefoods Collective, the Brown Hill Fish and Chip shop and other local businesses.

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We welcome stories from across Brown Hill. Submissions can be emailed to or delivered in hard copy to the office at Caledonian Primary School, Thompson Street, Brown Hill during school hours and school term.

Submission dates for 2021 are:

  • Edition 32: Friday 24 September
  • Edition 33: Friday 26 November

The newsletter is usually delivered to all letterboxes in Brown Hill within 2 weeks of this date.

Editorial Policy

Generally, contributions should not exceed 250 words and up to two photographs per item may be submitted (but may not necessarily be published). However, if you have a feature-story which may require more words, please contact us with your idea. Material may be edited due to space, style, clarity or for legal reasons. The name and address of the person submitting any material must be provided (address not for publication). The Editorial Advisory Committee reserves the right not to publish material considered to be offensive or inappropriate or which is not deemed to have community interest or relevance. The views expressed or information provided in this publication are not necessarily those of the Brown Hill Community Newsletter Committee, the Brown Hill Progress Association or the City of Ballarat, including any officers, members, agents or contractors.


Support this great community project by becoming a sponsor.

Thank you to our 2020-2021 Brown Hill Community Newsletter Sponsors:

We will be profiling each of our sponsors in future editions this financial year.

We would also like to thank Catherine King MP and Juliana Addison MP for their support of this great community project.


We are pleased to offer advertising in the Brown Hill Community Newsletter. The newsletter is free-of-charge and is hand-delivered to letterboxes across Brown Hill by our team of volunteers. It is also available at many local businesses and community hubs and can be accessed electronically. Currently, 2650 copies of each edition are printed.

The newsletter is bi-monthly. Editions are released in mid-February, April, June, August, October and early-December. It is printed in black and white. The online version is a full-colour PDF.

A total of 25 business card sized spaces are made available, the equivalent of two and a half pages of advertising per edition.

Advertising rates per edition are:

  • $50: 90mm x 55mm (1 x business card) Buy now
  • $100: 180 mm x 55mm (2 x business cards - banner) Buy now
  • $250: 180mm x 138mm (5 x business cards - 1/2 page - horizontal) No more than two per edition. Buy now

Payment for advertising in Edition 32 (September 2021) is due before Friday 24 September 2021. Please book your space and we will send you an invoice for direct deposit payment. Payment can also be made by credit card using the 'buy now' links above.

There are limited spaces available for advertising, so don't miss out.

By advertising in the Brown Hill Community Newsletter, businesses are helping this important community project to be financially self-sufficient into the future.



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