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Brown Hill Newsletter

A bi-monthly community newsletter delivered to around 2000 local residents.

Photo: Sarah Greenwood-Smith

Compiled by a small group of local volunteers, this newsletter aims to help connect the community of Brown Hill. With seed funding from the City of Ballarat through the 'Making Brown Hill Partnership' (Engaging Communities Program), it is produced bi-monthly and directly delivered to people who live and work in, or directly adjacent to, Brown Hill.

With a calendar of events, stories about local people, community groups, sporting clubs and businesses and information about local geography and history, we hope that there will be something interesting for everyone.



We welcome stories from across Brown Hill. Edition 10 submissions are due by Wednesday 6 December 2017 or in hard copy to the office at Caledonian Primary School, Thompson Street, Brown Hill. Edition 10 will be delivered mid-December 2017.


We are pleased to offer advertising in the Brown Hill Community Newsletter. The newsletter is free-of-charge and is hand-delivered to letterboxes across Brown Hill by our team of volunteers. It is also available at many local businesses and community hubs and can be accessed electronically. 2300 copies of Edition 9 were printed.

The newsletter is bi-monthly. In 2017, the remaining edition will be released in December (Edition 10). In 2018, there will be editions released in February, April, June, August, October and December. Dates to be confirmed.

A total of 20 business card sized spaces are made available, the equivalent of two pages of advertising per edition.

Advertising rates are:

1. $50: 90mm x 55mm (1 x business card)

2. $100: 180 mm x 55mm (2 x business cards - banner)

3. $250: 180mm x 138mm (5 x business cards - 1/2 page - horizontal) No more than two per edition.

Payment for advertising in Edition 10 (October) is due before Wednesday 6 December. Please book your space as soon as possible and we will send you an invoice for direct deposit payment. There are limited spaces available for advertising, so don't miss out.

Advertising space available (updated 17 October)

Edition 10 - December 2017: 4 business card spaces sold, 16 remaining

By advertising in the Brown Hill Community Newsletter, businesses are helping this important community project to be financially self-sufficient into the future.



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