Brown Hill Reserve - potential redevelopment

In June 2021 the Progress Association of Brown Hill decided it was time to initiate a community wide conversation concerning the future of Brown Hill’s ageing community pool. With this in mind an initial concept for the redevelopment of the Brown Hill Reserve (which includes the pool complex) was developed to start this conversation. If/when the pool needed to close how could its legacy be enhanced for future Brown Hill generations?

Before the Progress Association made any decisions, it needed to hear from Brown Hill residents to see what they thought about the future of the pool and reserve. The primary vehicle chosen to gather their feedback was an online survey. The survey was open from mid-July to the end of August (six weeks). The following outlines the outcome of this engagement.

To ensure that all residents were aware of the survey and reasons behind it a Special Edition of the Brown Hill Community Newsletter was published and delivered to all ~2,500 households in Brown Hill in mid-July. The Special Edition of the Brown Hill Community Newsletter can be accessed here: Special Edition July 2021.pdf

Over a six week period, residents were asked to participate in an online survey to provide their feedback concerning the ideas put forward in the Special Edition. There were 330 respondents to the survey. Of these responders, 258 (78.2%) were residents of Brown Hill, with the remaining 72 (21.8%) tending to be residents of nearby suburbs who use the pool and reserve.

There were 360 comments received through the survey and other formats. Comments were also received from the Brown Hill Lions Club; Brown Hill Uniting Church; Brown Hill Kindergarten; and Caledonian Primary School (verbal). All comments were collated into the one document.

The following documents provide further details:

BHPA Community Feedback Report FINAL.pdf

BHPA Community Feedback Key Findings.pdf

BHPA Feedback comments Final sort 31 August.pdf

Further updates will be provided on this page and through the Community Newsletter.

Brendan Stevens

Secretary, BHPA