Local Area Plan

In July 2017 Council committed to developing a Local Area Plan for Brown Hill. Access links below for more details.

Following on from the great work achieved through the community-led Engaging Communities Program, Council has committed to continuing to partner with local residents to develop a Local Area Plan for Brown Hill. The Plan will provide an integrated framework for the provision of infrastructure, open spaces and other key community assets to help better protect valued community and environmental features, and manage the rapid growth occurring in the area.

To access full details of the planning process and how you can contribute go to the "Local Area Plan" page under "Partnerships" tab on this website.

May 2021:

The BHPA met with Natalie Robertson, CoB Director of Development & Growth, along with Councillors, Belinda Coates and Peter Eddy to discuss various issues of concern of the BHPA. In regard to the progress of the Brown Hill Local Area Plan. Natalie highlighted the city-wide "character and housing strategy" being developed by Council and that the previously gathered data for the Brown Hill LAP in 2017/9 is all part of a Ballarat wide housing and development plan that will eventually, 1 year or so, be presented to the State Govt Minister for their tick of approval.

This process has effectively shelved a stand alone Local Area Plan for Brown Hill. The Progress Association is working on options.

March 2019

The BHPA made a submission to Council in response to its community engagement process for the BH Local Area Plan. Access the submission here" BHPA Brown Hill Local Area Plan Response to Scenarios Paper March 2019

May 2018

Development of the Brown Hill Local Area Plan has now commenced and will include a community workshop and consultation sessions.

December 2017
Following on from Council’s Engaging Communities Program in Brown Hill the Brown Hill Partnership Group (BHPG) have agreed to work with Council’s Strategic Planning Unit in developing the Brown Hill Local Area Plan and Infrastructure Assessment (the Plan). The Plan will provide an integrated and holistic land use and framework plan for Brown Hill to guide future development and infrastructure provision and identify ways to better protect valued community and environmental features.

The BHPG, on behalf of the broader community, will act as a reference group for the project to ensure that extensive community engagement is achieved and that the Plan will provide good outcomes for Brown Hill. 

August 2017

The Plan is currently in the very early stages of scoping. Further information about the Plan and opportunities for the community to get involved will be provided over the coming months. If you have any queries regarding the Brown Hill Plan or the local area planning process, please feel free to get in touch with the Strategic Planning Team at the City of Ballarat at strategicplanning@ballarat.vic.gov.au or 5320 7420.

27 July 2017 Brown Hill Progress Association wrote to Council seeking clarification on the planning for future housing developments within our suburb. The letter stated: 

".....We have watched with concern the increasing number of house allotments that have been subdivided to strata development with 8-10 units replacing the single dwelling and now the ever increasing small block freehold developments that are opening up on the north side of the freeway. Our concerns are not with the allotments themselves but rather with the lack of any clear strategic direction for the whole suburb. This is allowing individual developers to subdivide and build on these acreages and their submissions are passed as long as they fit the guidelines for the small subdivision but when there are 3 or 4 areas adjacent to each other the small development becomes a much bigger issue.   i.e. developments are approved in isolation ignoring their (combined) overall impact on the amenity and liveability of the whole suburb.  The main issues not being addressed are: No big picture traffic management; No overall planned green space between the individual developments; * No community wide plan in regard to building/living in a Bushfire Prone Area...." Access full details here

31 July 2017  Response from Council: "Thank you for your letter to Councillors received 24 July 2017 regarding future strategic planning direction for Brown Hill. Your enquiry is very timely as City of Ballarat are in the preliminary scoping stages of local area planning for Brown Hill. As noted by the Progress Association there is rapid growth occurring in the area and a need to provide a holistic and coordinated framework for the provision of infrastructure, open spaces and other key community assets..." Access full response here