Brown Hill Buddies

Help us to share the stories of people in Brown Hill (scroll down for our February and April stories)

Brown Hill Buddies

Who do you know in Brown Hill? Your neighbour, someone you met through the kindergarten, primary school or church, a fellow dancer from the Brown Hill Hall, one of the local business owners, or someone you met at the Brown Hill Pool? We want to hear their story! Take half an hour to have a chat to your friend and write a short story about them. Here are a few questions to get you started:
  1. What is your name?
  2. Which part of Brown Hill do you live in?
  3. How long have you been living in Brown Hill?
  4. What do you like the most about Brown Hill?
  5. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

If possible, please also take a photo of your Brown Hill Buddy.

Glenn and Kerryn at Bakery Hill Bakers Delight have generously donated a bunch of 'free product' cards, worth up to $7.00 in value (depending on the product you choose). The author of stories which are published will receive two cards, one for them and one for their Brown Hill Buddy.

To submit your story, please email the text and image to: or drop hard copies off to the Brown Hill Kindergarten or Caledonian Primary School between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm on school days. The contact details for both the interviewer and interviewee should be included with your submission.

Submission dates for 2018 are on the first Tuesday of every second month (except the final edition of the year is in November, not December):

  • 5 June
  • 7 August
  • 2 October
  • 6 November

The newsletter is usually delivered starting on the Friday of the following week (10 days later).

If your story is published, we will contact you to arrange delivery of your Bakers Delight 'free product' cards.

This project is supported by Glenn and Kerryn at Bakery Hill Bakers Delight:

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Our Brown Hill Buddies Stories

April 2018

I’m Victoria; I live in Orchard Estate with my husband Jimmy and two kids, Fletcher (4) and Hazel (18 months).
It’s only been a few years since we built in Brown Hill and, through a bit of chance during our build, my parents, who were looking to buy, found their new home in the same estate. So, now we are neighbours and I am one grateful mum to have my parents up the road. My kids love it too. Now I couldn't imagine it any other way!
I interviewed my Dad, my neighbour and my friend, George Alexopoulos.

Since moving to Brown Hill my absolute favourite thing to do is wander with the kids through the parks and tracks in the area in every season and almost any condition. We are spoilt for choice over here. The best times to go are when we can tag along with my Dad. He has an eye for spotting the wildlife around us that many people might walk right past. With a vast knowledge of bird-life and a deep appreciation for flora and fauna, on a walk with him we can tune right into nature.

To share some insight, I asked George a few questions about Brown Hill wildlife.

1. What are your favourite spots around Brown Hill for taking in bird and wildlife?
There is a great variety of bird-life around Ditchfield Reserve on the Yarrowee, but there are birds everywhere. When you are moving, the birds seem to disappear. However, as soon as you stop for a bit they come out and continue on with what they were doing.

If someone was to wander the northern section of the Yarrowee Trail where we live, what sort of wildlife and bird-life might they encounter?

Different species like different habitats. Look up high and you might see a Wedge-tailed Eagle, a Harrier or listen for a Whistling Kite. The smaller birds, such as Red-browed Finch and White-browed Scrub Wren, prefer thicker scrub. The Booming Bronzewing feeds on wattle seeds on the ground. Superb Blue Wren seem to be everywhere. White-napped Honeyeater, Yellow Robin and White Throated Tree Creeper like feeding up and down tree trunks. Larger birds, such as the Galah, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Magpie and Plover, like open woodland or parks and roadside verges. Anywhere there is a dam or water you will see Swallows, Black Duck and Wood Duck or Heron, Egrets and Coots.

2. What benefit do you get from being able to access the walking tracks from home? 
It’s great just going for a short stroll, linking up with other tracks across to the Canadian and Creswick forests or riding my bike into town or to Walter's on Humffray Street North for a haircut. I take friends and family to the Yarrowee River Trail, it’s so close and they love it - just like we do. Exercise and nature are great benefits of living so close to the walking tracks.

3. Do you have any tips for being able to spot wildlife that others may miss? As I know, you have a knack for spotting stuff out of nowhere.
I’m no expert, but I might scan as I walk for shapes, colour and movement, stop for a few moments and listen for bird song or frogs, etc.  There are birds and animals all around us but they keep still when we are moving. Kids are great for spotting things. When you are out with the kids ask them what they see or hear. They have better eyes and ears than grown-ups. Look for any outstanding features and look it up on the Museum site on your computer when you get home:

Victoria Rushton, Brown Hill resident and delivery volunteer for the Brown Hill Community Newsletter

Thanks Victoria and George. You will each receive a Bakery Hill Baker's Delight free-product-voucher.

Kookaburra in Brown Hill, by George Alexopoulos

Kookaburra in Brown Hill, by George Alexopoulos

Red-browed Finch on the Yarrowee River trail in Brown Hill, by George Alexopoulos

Red-browed Finch in Brown Hill, by George Alexopoulos

February 2018

So I was nervous – it’s a hard task knocking on a neighbour’s door and interviewing them. My first impression was, “Wow, this is what their garden looks like from the front porch.” I sat down with Penthea for 10 minutes and I have to say, having not met her before, it was really nice. I can at least say hello should our paths cross. I may not be knocking on her door borrowing sugar anytime soon but it was lovely to sit down with Penthea and get to know her a little. Tania

"Where do you live in Brown Hill?

"We have lived close to one of my favourite buildings, the Barber shop, for three years. Previously, I lived overseas and in various states of Australia."

"Why do you live in Brown Hill?"

"We felt like we had to grow up and buy a house. We liked the houses and architecture. The people are fabulous here."

"What makes living here different to Melbourne?"

"You can be anywhere in five minutes in Ballarat."

"What do you like most about Brown Hill?"

"The creek, being able to walk down there or bike-ride near the train line. Also the Brown Hill Pool - it’s awesome, and great to not have to rely on our car to get there."

"What do you like least about Brown Hill?"

"The subdivisions in the area and lots of daggy and unattractive architecture."

"As someone who knows about good food, where would you recommend I go to eat?"

"For an incredible meal: Catfish or Nouvelle Orleans.

For excellent coffee and a bagel: Fika.

For a great breakfast: Websters."

Penthea and Frankie

Image: One of my favourite things my dog Franky. Image supplied.