Photo: W. J. Hosking

Brown Hill History

The Brown Hill History project aims to collect and document the history of Brown Hill and its residents.

Throughout 2004 & 2005 a long time Brown Hill resident, Margaret McKenna, devoted a considerable amount of time and effort researching various aspects of the history of Brown Hill. The outcome has been the publication of 7 manuscripts. Margaret has very kindly provided the Progress Association with copies of the manuscripts which have been scanned and are now available to peruse, below, for those interested in learning more about the history of Brown Hill.

The Progress Association on behalf of the Brown Hill community would like to thank Margaret for her most generous gift in sharing the memories of Brown Hill with the wider community.

BH History cover001.jpg

BH History Schools & Kinders.pdf

BH History Post Offices.pdf

BH History Sport & Rec.pdf

BH History Churches.pdf

BH History Halls & Progress Assoc.pdf

BH History Hotels.pdf

BH History Transport.pdf

BH Changing Boundaries.pdf

BH Roads & Toll Gates.pdf