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Brown Hill is a suburb of Ballarat on the eastern rural-urban fringe of the city. It is 5 kms east of the CBD. The suburb is roughly divided in two by the by-pass freeway with the older established area to the south and newer subdivisions to the north. There is at present approximately 1600 households in Brown Hill with a significant amount of infill housing development taking place in the suburb. The majority of Brown Hill is also designated as a Bushfire Prone Area.

Discovering Brown Hill by foot

A series of walking maps are being developed for Brown Hill. To have a look at the initial overview, you can download the 4-page draft here - Updated Draft Brown Hill Walking Maps

City of Ballarat information

  1. The City of Ballarat Council offers a New Residents Welcome booklet
  2. For more Ballarat wide information access the City of Ballarat website, People and our Community page

Brown Hill specific information

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Brown Hill and bushfire risk

The majority of Brown Hill is designated as being a Bushfire Prone Area as it is on the rural-urban fringe of the city and is at risk of being impacted by bushfires especially from the north and north east. ALL of Brown Hill north of the freeway is within this Bushfire Prone Area. South of the freeway, generally, if your property is within 100m of bush or grassland you may be within that Bushfire Prone Area and at risk. Access this link for details. Visualising Ballarat - Bushfire Prone Area of Brown Hill

AUGUST 2017: Alice, a Neighbourhood Cluster Contact for the Brown Hill Community FireAware Network, talked with Associate Professor Kevin Tolhurst about some key points relating to the bushfire risk to the Ballarat urban-rural fringe suburb of Brown Hill.

If you wish to access the full series of videos which provide Kevin's risk evaluation for individual localities - Brown Hill (south side); bush blocks and sub divisions (north side) - access this link: Brown Hill bushfire risk evaluation

For more details on bushfire risk, how to prepare and other resources access specific information for Brown Hill from the

go to the Brown Hill? Are you bushfire ready? or Brown Hill Community FireAware Network web pages

Census 2016 - latest stats for Brown Hill

Census 2016 data has now been released.

  • In the 2016 Census: there were 3,582 people in Brown Hill (Vic.) (State Suburbs). Of these 49.0% were male and 51.0% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 1.5% of the population.
  • there were 1,543 dwellings, of all households, 69.2% were family households, 26.5% were single person households and 4.3% were group households. Of occupied private dwellings 28.5% were owned outright, 42.3% were owned with a mortgage and 26.3% were rented.
  • 20.4% of households had a weekly household income of less than $650 and 10.6% of households had a weekly income of more than $3000.
  • The median age of people in Brown Hill was 36 years. Children aged 0 - 14 years made up 20.3% of the population and people aged 65 years and over made up 14.0% of the population.
  • The most common ancestries in Brown Hill (Vic.) (State Suburbs) were Australian 30.3%, English 29.6%, Irish 13.4%, Scottish 8.8% and German 3.3%.

For more details go to 2016 Census QuickStats for Brown Hill

Location map of places of interest & services (coming soon!)

PLACE LOCATIONS TO COME: Include: PO & local shops/servos; hall; swimming pool; sporting venues; churches; schools (Glen Park, Caledonian; Woodman's Hill Sec College, Kindergarten); Yarrowee Trail; Brown Hill Reserve & playgrounds; Ditchfield Bushland Reserve; Kirks Reservoir; Gong Gong Reservoir

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