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Brown Hill Kindergarten is situated in parkland beside the Yarrowee River. To find the kindergarten turn off Humffray Street North beside the swimming pool. The kindergarten is opposite the Brown Hill Cricket Club and pipe band rooms. The kindergarten offers both preschool (4 year old) and prekinder (3 year old) groups

Renee Harvey, Education Leader
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5332 7973
1 Reid Court, Brown Hill
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The kindergarten offers a play based curriculum, with children encouraged to make independent activity choices, both indoors and outdoors. The kindergarten has been recently renovated and extended. The play rooms are air-conditioned, and the playground, which looks over the creek and park, is large with shaded areas and lots of interesting play spaces. Staff value and plan for both indoor and outdoor play experiences.
The prekinder program provides opportunities for the children to confidently separate from parents, interact with peers in a safe, nurturing, play based learning environment. The program is flexible, incorporating both indoor and outdoor activities, snack time and group time and provides an excellent introduction to the preschool year.

In the preschool group the children will learn many things through play, as they co-operate and work with others to explore new interests and expand upon what they know. They will have opportunities to resource their own learning through connecting with people, place, technologies and natural and processed materials.

Independence, initiative and individual differences and needs are respected and recognized in planning for the children’s learning. The preschool groups participate in our ‘bush kinder’ program, one session per week.

Brown Hill Kindergarten Bush kinder

At Brown Hill Kindergarten we recognize the value of outdoor play for young children.

The bush kinder programme provides the children with uninterrupted time outdoors in an unstructured natural setting ,and promotes wellbeing, physical development, self confidence , resilience and creativity.

We believe the bush kinder programme is important for children to be able to experience, explore and engage with the natural environment, to have opportunities to develop physical, social and emotional skills in the natural environment, and to learn about the natural environment.

At bush kinder the children have opportunities

* to explore and discover the natural environment
* to learn about the creatures of the bush, how they impact our lives and and how we can protect them experience different weather conditions and seasonal changes
* take risks and test their limits
* to be independent and responsible for themselves (carrying bags, having snack etc)
* to learn about boundaries
* to co-operate with each other and learn to work together for shared goals
* engage with and resource their own learning through connecting with people, place, and the natural environment
* build an awareness of the impact we have on our environment
* enhance their confidence and comfortable in the natural environment and to take responsibility for their own activities, involvement and interactions

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