Photo: Ian Wilson

About this site

The Brown Hill Community Hub is a project of the Brown Hill Progress Association supported by the City of Ballarat through the Engaging Communities Program / Brown Hill Partnership. We welcome participation from all organisations and members of the community, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.


13 September 2017: Added a form to request listings in the Business, Sport and Community directory. Added advanced search matching on similar words, eg. search for "planning" finds "plans". Added header images to news/blog posts.

23 June 2017: Added an announcements section to home page. Removed the "News" menu item as it caused confusion with the newsletter. The selected items from the newsletter can be found on the home page.

20 June 2017: Added a News section to list time-sensitive items and publish articles from the Brown Hill Newsletter. Revised the home page layout to list news and diary dates. Moved these updates to a separate About this site page. Held the first volunteer website editors training session with selected members of various community groups.

19 June 2017: Added searching of all pages, businesses, sports groups and community groups. Added home page photo slideshow.

23 May 2017: Business, Community and Sports listings can now show a logo. We're in the process of collecting these. Brown Hill Newsletter and Festival have new email addresses; and respectively. These were previously ah-hoc Gmail accounts. We've upgraded the contact email address to a contact form.

23 Mar 2017: Our website address has now moved from to our permanent home at Don't worry, visitors to the old address will be redirected.

3 Mar 2017: Hazen Cleary appointed as volunteer editor of the online Brown Hill Business, Sport and Community directories.

22 Feb 2017: Added the Brown Hill Community Festival and Brown Hill Progress Association and Contact us pages. Added a banner to all pages inviting additions or updates. Improved legibility and mobile device support with new fonts and updated menu.

21 Feb 2017: We demonstrated the website to the Brown Hill Partnership to lots of questions and enthusiasm. The project is still in the early stages, but we're looking forward to engaging with various community groups and appointing community editors.

17 Feb 2017: Launched the Business, Sport and Community directories. These directories have been populated from the paper directory included with Edition 4 of the Brown Hill Newsletter. Added the Brown Hill News page in preparation for launch of Edition 5 of the Newsletter. Includes links to download previous editions.

14 Feb 2017: Sourced a range of great Brown Hill Photos from City of Ballarat, taken by Sandra Kennedy (CoB) and Ian Wilson (Ian Wilson Photography).

12 Feb 2017: Began Phase 2 by launching the editable version of the website, to be maintained by the Brown Hill Progress Association and selected community members from other organisations. There have been significant delays with approval of the new address.

6 Feb 2017: Extended the pool season pass purchase process to replicate the existing paper form. Includes contact information and ability to add $2 membership to Brown Hill Progress Association. This completes Phase 1 of the project.

30 Dec 2016: Launched online pool season pass sales just in time for the January pro rata price reduction. This feature will reduce the amount of large cash paymets at the pool kiosk, helping both the pool staff and the Progress Association Treasurer. We also hope this feature will allow swimmers to buy their season passes early for opening in December 2017.

3 Dec 2016: Brown Hill Community Hub launches at with an initial Brown Hill Community Pool information page. We have applied for the address which will be the final address of the site (don't sweat, when the time comes you'll be automatically redirected).

24 Nov 2016: Local supplier Sturm engaged to develop the Brown Hill Online Community Hub.

10 Nov 2016: Brendan Stevens presented a proposal to the Brown Hill Partnership to develop the Brown Hill Online Community Hub; a central website to connect various community groups in Brown Hill. The proposal was approved and funded.