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Brown Hill & District Lioness Club has been working for the local Community for 32 years. As well as working on their own projects they also work in conjunction with their sponsor Club the Brown Hill Lions Club on local, national and International Lions Projects.

Kath Button, Secretary
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PO Box 212 Brown Hill
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Currently our funds our raised through working at barbeques, catering and market stalls. Funds raised from these projects are distributed to local needy Community organisations.
Locally we have donated to the local Cancer support Centre, Anglicare and the 3BA Winter Blanket Appeal.
Our Club members are currently working on a project which sees them supplying emergency Hospital packs to the Ballarat Base Hospital.
Volunteering in our Community is very rewarding and our members enjoy visiting local nursing homes and local schools. This keeps them very busy.
We are a small Club with 11 members. If anyone would like more information about our Club or maybe you are interested in joining with us to help in your local Community, please feel free to contact us.
On the first Monday of each month the Brown Hill Lioness Club has a business meeting at Lions Wing Pennyweight Park (222 Otway Street South, Ballarat - Pinarc Disability Support site).
Contact: Glenis Davis, Secretary - 5331 4849

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