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Lawn mowing & Brush Cutting, Lawn Care, Lawn and Garden Irrigation Systems, Pruning & Hedge Trimming, In between tenant cleanups, Garden Maintenance.

Corey Medbury
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0413 747 742
Brown Hill, Victoria
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Lawn mowing & Brush Cutting.
Lawn mowing once off jobs or regular weekly / fortnightly services available.

Lawn Care.
Whether its new lawns or existing lawns, Ezy Gardens has you covered with ongoing lawn restoration and maintenance. With access to a wide range of lawn seed Ezy Gardens is sure to have the right lawn for your needs.

Lawn and Garden Irrigation Systems.
Need your irrigation system checked over to make sure its up to scratch? Ezy Gardens can repair that tiard system and give it a new lease of life, New irrigation systems available too.

Pruning & Hedge Trimming.
No hedge to big nor to small, Fruit trees not fruiting as well as they should? Or just overgrown? Ezy Gardens has you covered with regular hedge and tree maintenance.

In between tenant cleanups.
Need your rental property tidied up before new tenants move in? Ezy Gardens can assist in a quick cleanup or ongoing maintenance.

Garden Maintenance.
Ezy Gardens takes great care to get your garden looking as it should, with weeding, pruning, trimming, fertilizing, mulching, new garden beds, garden edging, planting. watering , cultivating Weed treatment (Herbicides), Fungal treatment (Fungicides) and much more.

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