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At Karibu Anawim "Welcome to The Way of Victory", we specialise in providing counselling and training to people who live with a facial disfigurement. We see adults and children. We see parents living with facial disfigurement with children who do and do not as well as parents whose children who live with a facial disfigurement. We cater for sibling issues within families.

Zali O'Dea
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Brown Hill
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Our counsellors have personally experienced what it is like to ‘do life’ with a facial disfigurement. We believe this sets us apart from other organisations. It is our endeavour that you find us able to empathise, assist and connect with great understanding.

At Karibu Anawim we are here to help you navigate “The Way of Victory” in your journey. We take a holistic approach to assist you with your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

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