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Apples and pears: Gavin Lang is the sixth generation to grow fruit on the same patch of soil in the Harcourt Valley. The Harcourt Valley is renowned for its ability to produce apples that just taste better than those grown elsewhere.

Gavin Lang
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Langs Road, Harcourt, Victoria
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Langdale Orchards was established in 1858 by James Lang. The orchard was one of the original three orchards that pioneered the fruit industry in the Harcourt Valley in Central Victoria. In the 1870’s James Lang exported fruit back to England which was most likely the first fruit exported from Australia. In 1874 a granite home was constructed, a home that is still lived in today by the Lang family.
Over the years many things have changed in the orcharding industry. The changes range from new technology to ever-changing markets. Today the issue is a worldwide pandemic but every generation has had to make major changes to ensure the business survival.

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