One Humanity Shower Bus

Fr. Constantine from St. Paul's Anglican Church in Ballarat spoke at the Brown Hill Uniting Church's April Men's Breakfast about the 'One Humanity Shower Bus' project.

He posed the question, "How would you deal with not knowing where your next shower was coming from?" This sobering thought is a harsh reality for our city’s homeless. These are mums and their children, young people and many others who sleep rough each night in our city. Fr. Constantine said that, "for each of us, as part of humanity, it is essential to open our hearts and eyes to see that if one person suffers, we all suffer. The One Humanity group is a 100% community volunteer organisation that believes we should all do what we can to ease that suffering." 

The 'One Humanity Shower Bus Project' has as its guiding principle a foundation of ensuring dignity and hope to homeless people in our city through the provision of hygiene services. This is offered in an accepting and safe way to lift the spirits of individuals and, in turn, of the whole community.

The bus has started operating on Fridays and Sundays (6.00pm-8.00pm). It has two showers, wash basins and storage areas. There are plans to add a washing machine and dryer later. The bus will operate from White Flat Oval (Moyle and Hickman Streets) where Fr. Constantine says, "our brothers and sisters sleeping rough are welcome to come and use its services."

The project is funded by community donations. One Humanity Shower Bus Inc. was successful in its 'Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal Application' (FRRR), which allows it to receive tax-deductible donations. 

If you would like some more information or to donate money, please contact either Mike McCaw on 0407 774 489 or, Fr. Constantine Osuchukwu on 0435 750 155 or or Pauline on 0400 892 645 . You could also email Visit:

One Humanity Shower Bus

First published in Edition 7 of the Brown Hill Newsletter, June 2017.