The Brown Hill Post Office is back!

April 2023: Our new Brown Hill Post Office is thriving

Over the five months since it opened the Post Office has become a welcome hub along with the Cafe in Water St. It is even more accessible now the bridge over the creek is opened along with the adjoining new footpath.

The convenience of a local full-time post office cannot be overstated and continued support from the community is essential for its viability.

Please take advantage :
* the banking services, bill paying, deposits, withdrawals can all happen here;
* Use the the fantastic parcel send and pick up service;
* Come in and set up a post box;
* Have a look around the shop and in the catalogue for your stationary needs.

Come and have a look at what our new post office can offer and meet the friendly post office staff: Dayle, Mick & Sharon

Brendan Stevens, Secretary
Brown Hill Progress Association