Photo: Sarah Greenwood-Smith

Community Garden Group

Connect with others in the Brown Hill Community who are interested in gardening through the new 'Brown Hill Community Garden Group'.

In Edition 12 of the Brown Hill Community Newsletter, local resident Sue Walker asked for expressions of interest from the people of Brown Hill to be involved in a group to create a community garden. Thanks to those who got in touch.

After reading the article, Caledonian Primary School parent, Aimee, suggested that the group start by getting involved with the recently invigorated school veggie garden, which has recently received funding from the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program (SAKG).

Caledonian Primary School's Principal, Brea Terris writes, "Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG) project is up and running. Students have been using fresh produce out of the garden to make pizzas, rice paper rolls and pumpkin soup. This initiative links in with our whole-school wellbeing program and also promotes food education. We are hoping as this project grows it will be a link to the wider community. We are seeking donations for the (SAKG) project and for our cooking program. We are looking for cooking utensils, ingredients, such as sugar, flour and non-perishable food items. Donations can be left at the school office."

If you are interested in being involved in the Brown Hill Community Gardening Group, please contact Caledonian Primary School on 5332 6955, or visit the school office.

Sue's Garden Journey

Wheelbarrow garden

Sue Walker wrote to us about her experience with gardening.

I first started my garden journey when I was a young teen, as a means of earning money. I pruned hedges in my parents' ¼-acre English cottage garden in Melbourne.

They were knowledgeable about plants but never grew vegetables. They let me have a section of land to grow my first crop of tomatoes, zucchinis, squash and cucumbers. I was also given a small area to grow some flowers. It was in the shade and I planted marigolds. They didn’t grow well, of course, so I moved them over to my veggies and from there began my interest in companion planting, at the age of 16.

I would love to share some benefits of gardening at your place, or why not come and join the Brown Hill Community Garden Group?

I still love gardening. It plays a huge part in my well-being and has given me so much joy over the years to get outside, for even a few minutes a day no matter the weather.

Some benefits to gardening include:

  • Exposure to Vitamin D
  • Boosting your mood
  • Exercise – helping to build muscles and stretch joints. But don’t over-do it; lift carefully!
  • If done in a group, it can assist with combating loneliness and provide a source of connection with others
  • Affordable food, healthy fruit and vegetables
  • Mindfulness with other living creatures outdoors, taking time to sit in the garden and really notice the plants or just sit and enjoy a cuppa after all that hard work
  • Being outdoors, connecting with the outdoors, working in the garden can be stress relieving and, after all that fresh air and work, may also assist with a good night sleep!

These are just a few; there are so many more – too many to mention here, but please do consider joining the Brown Hill Community Gardening Group. All welcome.